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You May Need an Attorney and Not Even Know It

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You May Need an Attorney and Not Even Know It

Some Of The Costly Mistakes That Can Weaken Your Disability Claim

by Barry Butler

If you've suffered physical or mental impairment that has affected your working ability, you might be eligible for disability payments. Therefore, you should decide to file a claim to enable you to get monthly payments to handle your day-to-day expenses. If you're unsure how to apply for these benefits, contact a lawyer dealing with disability insurance for guidance. They will review your case to know the evidence needed to strengthen it. Your attorney will then guide you through the legal process to prevent you from making the following costly mistakes that might weaken your claim.

Providing Half-Baked Evidence

You must provide compelling evidence demonstrating that you meet disability requirements set by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to qualify for disability insurance. The documents you submit should prove that you suffer from a medical condition that keeps you from earning and will not heal soon. Providing half-baked information that does not demonstrate that your injuries hinder you from working could lead to a denial of your claim. Your lawyer can help you avoid this mistake by ensuring you have a solid medical record. They will ask you to visit the hospital and explain your pain and suffering in detail to your doctor. Then, get comprehensive treatment and follow your doctor's recommendations to prevent your situation from worsening. After that, preserve your medical records and pain journal to strengthen your claim.

Providing Inconsistent Statements

The information you present to the SSA must be consistent to enable you to prove that you have a genuine case. However, your credibility will come into question if you provide conflicting information when you talk to your doctor, employer, or the SSA representatives. Therefore, your legal advisor will guide you when talking to different parties to ensure that you share consistent information every time.

Representing Yourself

While you don't have to work with a lawyer, you will benefit greatly by enlisting their services. First, your legal adviser will ensure you have all the paperwork you need to prove your case. They will then help you navigate the complex SSA rules and regulations to prevent errors that could make you fail to qualify for the benefits. Finally, your legal advisor will present a strong case and represent you in court to seek the full amount of benefits you deserve.

Making a single mistake during your application can lead to a denial of your claim. Therefore, you might want to ensure that you take the right measures to boost your success. Working with a legal advisor dealing with disability payments is the best way to ensure that you avoid any mistakes that may make you fail to qualify for disability insurance.

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