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You May Need an Attorney and Not Even Know It

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You May Need an Attorney and Not Even Know It

Do You Want To Get A Lenient Verdict After A DUI Arrest? Avoid The Following Mistakes

by Barry Butler

A DUI charge can profoundly affect various aspects of your life, even if you're facing it for the first time. For instance, you stand a risk of losing your job if you get a jail sentence. That means a significant drawback in your career. 

For that reason, you have to be extremely careful and avoid errors that might jeopardize your legal defense. Here are the mistakes to avoid if you want to increase your chances of getting a lenient verdict after a DUI arrest.

Refusing to Cooperate With the Police

Failing to corporate with the police officer can affect the verdict of your drunk driving case. For example, declining to take an alcohol breath test has serious consequences. In such a situation, the prosecutor might prefer additional charges against you, which could mean a stiffer punishment. 

Besides, the judge can issue orders suspending your driving license. They might also charge you a heftier fine or propose other penalties even if they don't find you guilty of the offense. Therefore, it is crucial to comply with the police so long as it doesn't violate your rights. 

Accepting the Charges Leveled Against You

Accepting the charges the police level against you might implicate you. Doing this puts you at risk of facing maximum penalties, which could negatively impact your life. In this case, a DUI attorney may evaluate your case and determine whether there is a loophole to negotiate a lesser punishment. For example, they can persuade the judge that the police failed to follow the correct procedure during your arrest.

Failing to Involve a Legal Representative in Your Case

Handing a DUI case yourself sets you up for failure. You have a higher chance of making mistakes, giving the prosecutor an easy time in court. Therefore, you should hire a DUI lawyer immediately after the arrest. They will evaluate the current status of your case to determine what they can do to correct any mistakes you might have made. Besides that, they will advise you on the proper measures to ensure a better conclusion of the case.

When facing drunken driving charges, you cannot afford to make the mistakes above with all that is at stake. Remember that you're at risk of a hefty fine or spending months behind bars. Thus, contacting a DUI attorney immediately after your arrest is essential. They will educate you about the legal processes involved in such a case and safeguard your legal rights.

Contact a DUI attorney with any additional questions.