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You May Need an Attorney and Not Even Know It

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You May Need an Attorney and Not Even Know It

Disability Benefits Assistance Is Essential When Appealing A Claim Denial

by Barry Butler

Most SSDI claims are denied, but a number of claims are approved on the second or third round of the process of obtaining SSDI benefits. After your claim has been denied the first time, you might be reluctant to file another claim. This is something you should not do alone and you should seek disability benefits assistance.

Requirements for Appealing a Case

To be able to appeal your case, you must meet all of the requirements. You must complete everything and have an appeal hearing within 60 days of your denial or you may need to start the process over again. If you start the process over, the SSA will likely deny your claim again. An attorney can help you make sure that you meet all of these requirements.

Documents Required

There are various documents that must be included when you are applying for your SSDI benefits, such as your medical records. If you are simply not aware of a particular requirement, your claim is bound to be denied. The process can be confusing and time-consuming if you are not familiar with the system. An attorney can help you obtain necessary documents and organize them.

Your Doctor's Opinion

In many cases, a claim is denied because your doctor does not know the requirements that you need to meet. As a result, your doctor might fail to provide information that the SSA needs to help you. However, an attorney can communicate with your doctor and help them provide you with the evidence necessary to win your case. Then, your doctor may be able to write a note that can help you in your disability benefits case.

Understand Your Residual Functional Capacity

When you are disabled, you will have restrictions that are brought about by pain or a condition. Your residual functional capacity is the work you are able to do despite these restrictions. This is important because it will determine your ability to continue to work despite physical and mental limitations. If the SSA believes that you are still able to work, they might deny your claim.

You might have direct physical limitations such as the inability to walk or see. You might have mental limitations such as the inability to concentrate or to remember. If your case ends up going to a hearing, you may need a disability benefits attorney to help you explain why you should be entitled to disability benefits as a result.

For more information about Disability Benefits Assistance, contact an attorney in your area.