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You May Need an Attorney and Not Even Know It

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You May Need an Attorney and Not Even Know It

Talk To A Traffic Attorney Before You Pay The Fine For Your Speeding Ticket

by Barry Butler

A speeding ticket is not only a financial burden, it can have negative repercussions on your life. The extra points could get your license suspended and it could affect your ability to work. Even if you suspect you might be guilty, you should still work with a traffic ticket defense attorney to help you get out of the charge or suffer the least severe punishment. If you pay the fine automatically, you admit to guilt and there's not much that can be done. Talk to an attorney first so you get the best outcome. Here are a few things to know about fighting your speeding ticket.

Tactics That Might Allow You To Get Charges Dropped

Laws vary by state and jurisdiction, so if you're driving out of town, you'll want to understand local laws as they apply to your case. In some areas, you can fight a traffic ticket by mail. In other places, you'll be required to show up in court. If you show up and the officer who wrote the ticket doesn't or if the officer fails to fill out the paperwork necessary if you fight by mail, then your case is dismissed.

To increase your odds of having the case dismissed, your attorney may file to have the court date changed to a time that might be less convenient for the officer. Another tactic that might work is to opt for a speedy trial so your court date can't be pushed back. If the court has a busy calendar, your case might be dismissed. Your attorney might also argue against the accuracy of red light cameras or radar guns. This may put the officer in the position of having to prove his equipment was functional and accurate, which he may not be able to do.

Why Consulting An Attorney Is Important

Before you decide to pay the fine or fight the charge on your own in court, you should consult with a traffic attorney. It's likely the attorney will know based on the charges and the court involved if fighting is worth your time. A busy urban court may be so overwhelmed that the chances of having your case dismissed are very high. If your speeding ticket was issued in a sleepy town with a slow court schedule, the attorney might recommend bargaining your case rather than trying to get it dismissed.

Desired Outcomes When Fighting A Speeding Ticket

Ideally, your case will be dismissed and the charge dropped. There is a good possibility this can happen based on a number of factors. However, some cases may be balanced too much in favor of the police officer's accusations, and in a case like that, bargaining for a reduced fine and traffic school that keeps points off your record might be a better choice. Knowing how to proceed and which tactic to take is why you want to consult an attorney. Traffic tickets bring in a lot of revenue for local jurisdictions and it's better for them if you pay automatically. When you fight a ticket, it costs them money and they might rather bargain instead of wasting money and time in court. This works to your favor whether it is your first traffic offense or if you've had multiple tickets in the past.

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