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You May Need an Attorney and Not Even Know It

People take legal matters into their own hands every day, and sometimes they lose money and property in the process. You can make a legally binding contract without using an attorney, but you are risking missing some big legal loopholes and laws you may not be familiar with that can not only make your contract invalid but can actually cost you in the end. When you are selling or purchasing real estate, tackling the creation of a will or even just loaning money to a friend, a consultation with an attorney can be a positive step. I'll show you when and why you need an attorney.



You May Need an Attorney and Not Even Know It

Some Things You Should Know About Divorcing

by Barry Butler

If you are having a hard time in your marriage, you might be thinking about a divorce. For many people, a divorce is the right answer. It can help you to have a new beginning, it can dissolve toxic relationships and can allow you to potentially find someone new that you are more compatible with. However, if you are not careful you can make the process of getting a divorce very nasty. Here are some things you should know about divorcing.

1. Try Not To Make It Personal

This may sound impossible, but the legal process of a divorce should be treated more like a business legal agreement, than an emotional thing. You should never use the negotiations as a way to hurt your spouse. If you do this it will hurt you as well. You should try to look at the contract and agreement from a professional standpoint. Ask yourself if it is fair for both parties. If it is, accept the agreement and move on.

The concern is that too many people use the process as payback for their pain. They drag out the process for far too long because they want to punish the other person. In the meantime, both parties are losing money, there is more hurt than there is resolution, and it prevents both parties from moving on.

The ideal situation is a couple who walks in knowing that the divorce is the best solution, and giving each other equal amounts of custody and finances. These divorces cost less, cause less emotional trauma and are better for everyone involved.

2. Never Treat The Kids As Part Of The Estate

You have to separate the kids and the estate in your mind. When you discuss the estate you will talk about who "deserves" and who is "entitled" to what. When it comes to the kids it has to be all about their needs. Too many people use the kids and custody to hurt their spouse. They withhold time with the children as a way to punish, or they fight for full custody even though they know that the other parent is a good, loving person to the children. This is the one part of the divorce that should never be about you. It has to be about what is best for the children, and in the majority of cases, equal custody is the answer.

By understanding these things you can prevent problems during your divorce. Get in touch with professionals like Nichols, Speidel, & Nichols for more help.