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You May Need an Attorney and Not Even Know It

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You May Need an Attorney and Not Even Know It

What to Do When Your Accident Was Caused by a Drunk Driver

by Barry Butler

Wrecks can happen due to careless drivers, distracted drivers and sometimes by drivers who are impaired. While everyone knows that accidents are sometimes caused by human error, getting hit and injured because someone made the decision to consume alcohol and then get behind the wheel can be especially hard to take.

You should know that not only could the driver be charged with criminal behavior, you may also be entitled to be compensated for your injuries and losses. Read on for more information if you have had the unfortunate experience of being injured by a drunk driver.

Determine the impairment of the driver: When first responders (either law enforcement or medical personnel) suspect a driver to be under the influence, testing may be in order. Drivers who are not injured may be given a field sobriety test, but others may be tested at the hospital for blood alcohol content. These first responders are trained to look for and observe the presence of the odor of alcohol and as well as liquor cans and bottles in the vehicle or scattered about. Regardless of where and how the testing takes place, be sure that you insist on testing if you suspect a problem. Later on may be too late.

Access the blood alcohol results: It may take a few weeks to become available, but knowing the result of any sobriety testing is key. The report will show how and where the testing occurred and the results. Automobile accidents are often caused by more than one issue and sometimes both drivers are found to be at least somewhat at fault. For example, you may be found to share 25% of the liability (fault) if you were not wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident, thus increasing the severity of your injuries. Having a driver that was found to be impaired will make the chances of 100% compensation far better.

Submit an accident report: Normally available soon after the accident, increasingly officers are completing these reports and providing immediate copies at the scene. This report contains information about all parties and a summary of how the wreck occurred, often accompanied by a drawing. In some cases, you may also find the responding officer's opinion as to the cause of accident. If impaired driving was suspected at the scene, this will be indicated on the report.

Don't waste time before contacting a car accident attorney to represent you. You deserve compensation for your injuries.